Born and raised in the Basel area, I moved to the French-speaking part of Switzerland in 1984. After a long career as a teacher, I decided to focus on gifted and talented children. While leading a pullout programme, grouping together gifted and talented children in the canton of Vaud, I completed 18 months of ECHA training (European Council for High Ability) in Zurich. This training is specifically for professionals working with gifted and talented children.

I obtained my ECHA diploma as a Specialist in Gifted Education in September 2005. My diploma thesis Et les filles…? (What About the Girls…?) was praised cum laude. This paper was published in French the following year by SZH/CSPS in Lucerne under the title Et si elle était surdouée ? (What if she’s gifted ?).
I also guide gifted and talented children and young adults with or without learning difficulties on an individual level.
From 2005 to June 2009 I have been working with the teachers of gifted and talented children as a resource person commissioned by the Département de l’Enseignement de la Jeunesse et du Sport du Valais romand.
I continue to provide further education for teachers at French speaking the HEP (VS, FR and BEJUNE) and other cantons and lead conferences, workshops and various awareness raising activities in Switzerland and abroad.